Pneumatic Nailer Reviews : Why Nail Guns Replaced Hammers

Hammers are among the simplistic hand tools you need for your workshop. As basic levers, hammers can simplify any job. They look quite straightforward, and yet there are actually many different kinds of hammers each fitted for a different purpose. Hammers come in a wide range of sizes, ready to be wielded for various objectives and projects. A great collection of hammers is essential for any workshop.

Hammers are made up of two parts - the handle and the head. Additionally, most basic hammers have peens on the end made for ripping out nails. This design makes up the claw hammer, which is the one usually seen in pictures. The peen has two metal prongs that function perfectly for taking out nails. Some hammers only have one prong on their peens, and this prong functions much like a chisel for separating pieces of wood.

Nail Guns

Nail guns are very popular for all kinds of home improvement tasks. They make it fast and efficient to nail together pieces of material without spending all the effort used by hammering. They provide rapid fire that quickly makes jobs easy, no matter what type of nail gun you may have. The problem is that there are many accidents that can occur with nail guns. There have been many accidents in the past while doing simple home improvement tasks with a nail gun. If you are going to use a nail gun for home improvement projects, then it is extremely important that you follow some safety tips to make sure that no one is hurt or even killed.

Hammers Versus Nail Guns

With the nail guns arrival and replacement of the hammers, it's only fair that we compare the two and then let you decide on the best option that suits you.

Have you tried to hammer a nail but ended up getting frustrated? The result is either the nail bends, misaligns, or recoils. Maybe after a year of carpentry lessons, then you're most likely to perfect the craft, but until then, why not use a nail gun instead? Nail guns or nailers have replaced traditional hammers in construction work. Whether it is for remodeling, building, or a "do-it-yourself" jobs, hammering nails have always been a problem for carpenters and for homeowners who want to improve their homes themselves. Thanks to the ingenuity of the inventor of nail guns, hammering nails into place became as easy as counting 1-2-3. Hammers are good enough for work that require a few nails to be used but is very impractical when it requires hundreds or thousands of nails. On the other hand, nail guns could easily sink a hundred to a thousand nails in a day with quite a little effort. Before buying a nailer, it is of utmost importance to identify the type of job needed in order to be able to procure the right kind of nail gun. Take into account the things you would be doing. You might be building a cabinet, replacing a part of the roof or fixing it, building a porch, or fixing a bed or a chair. By identifying the type of work needed at home, you would have a good idea of the materials that you will be working with. After recognizing these materials, you could now ask for assistance from the stores in identifying the right nailer for the materials you have at home. Nail guns come in variations that one type would not be applicable to use for a certain material, but is best used for another. If you would be fixing the roof of your house, you would require a roofing nailer. This is primarily used for nailing roof shingles. Using a different nailer for this job would totally be a frustrating experience.

If you would be working with the indoor furnishings of your house, a finish nailer would be the best choice for the job. It is light and is mostly used for furniture, moldings, trims, and cabinets.

For jobs of a larger scale, such as a house remodeling, construction of a new home, or renovation of a large part of a home, a framing nailer is an absolute need. If your home is a big, multiple framing nailers would be necessary. These nailers are amazing because they could endure the daily abuse that workers give them, yet continue to be in tip-top shape.

For a hassle-free home improvement or construction, decide on what nailer you would use. The benefits you would get in terms of manpower and time when using nail guns are worth it.